What does it look like to work together?

Although we customize our plans depending on your situation the framework for all our clients includes of the following steps:

We start with an Intro Call (or Zoom) to make sure we're a good fit and want to move forward. 

Then during the Discovery Meeting we learn about where you are today and where you want to be in the future. As well as any special circumstances you've got going on. We'll gather data and documents for review so we can work on the plan we to present to you at the Strategy Session.

At the Strategy Session we will discuss our recommendations based on what you said was most important to you and what we've uncovered after the Discovery Meeting.

Then it's time for Implementation. This is the action phase where we're signing paperwork, transferring assets (if applicable), etc. 

Once we've done that then we will get together for Routine Strategy Meetings where we will review progress, make updates and discuss any upcoming events. 

The Red Plan

The Red Plan

For those hard-working individuals and families who want to know if you're maximizing your options. 

What are we going to go over:

- What are your long term goals? 
- How do you plan for multiple goals?
- What role does insurance play?

$1,500 - $2,500

Initial Planning Fee

The White Plan

The White Plan

If you're an individual or family who has some outside investments like rental properties

then this is for you. 

We're going to cover what's in 
The Red Plan plus: 
- How does passive income play a role today and down the road? 
- What can you do to protect your investments? 

$2,500 - $7,500

Initial Planning Fee

The Blue Plan

The Blue Plan

For you business owners out there.
This one is for you. 

The previous plans plus things like:
- What is your business worth?
- How can you increase that?
- What are your exit options?

$5,000 - $20,000
Initial Planning Fee



What Happens After The Initial Planning?

Depending on what your goals are and what you've got going on, we'll meet once a year, every six months, quarterly or monthly. 

Your investment in financial planning varies depending on how complex your situations is.

For example let's say you work hard at a W2 gig and are looking to plan for your retirement and college for the kids and you'd like to get together for two meetings a year with a call in between if something pops up vs. a business owner who is working through their exit planning and wants to meet monthly with CPAs, attorneys, etc. These two folks should be billed different because the needs, time and energy is different so they are. 

What About The Money Management?

When it comes to money management we have two options. 

1) Self-directed / Brokerage style.
Which means I'll share overall guidance and education but you're picking stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

2) Partnerships with Money Managers
For instance, if you want to delegate and let them take care of tax-loss harvesting this would be your jam.
Management fees range from .55% to 2%

Regardless of the plan that best suits you, you'll know what all the fees are before any paperwork is signed because we believe it transparency.