Why 'Liberty Financial'?

My husband, who is a wordsmith, and I were brainstorming one day when he said 'Liberty Financial'.

My Dad was a Major is the US Army and he loved America.

I'll be totally honest. I didn't quite get it when I was younger. 

But with the recent events that have challenged those truths we hold to be self-evident. I get it. And it hits my heart in such a way that Liberty, 'the quality or state of being free' as defined by Merriam-Webster; was the only name appropriate for this venture which is all about helping people achieve their version of freedom. 

As soon as he said 'Liberty Financial' during that brainstorming session I knew that was it.

If that all sounds good to you and you'd like to see if we're a good fit go ahead and book an Intro Call. Looking forward to it!

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Where Do We Meet?

Our calls are done over the phone or through Zoom. Of course if you're local we can connect in person. If we're at the same event it would be great to meet live as well.